Hi everyone!  As many of you know already (especially if you saw my guest post over at The Wellness Warrior) we recently sold the caravan and bought a little eco-cabin.  So today I wanted to show you a little clip of the place and tell you more about it.

A little background info in case you have no idea why I was living in a caravan to begin with..

We originally moved out of our home and into a caravan when we had to rush to Brisbane so that I could get chemotherapy treatment at the hospital there.  For some crazy reason (I was totally out of it most of the time) we ended up living in a caravan and we absolutely loved it!  So when my treatment was all done we decided to find a nice piece of land to plonk it.  You can read more about our caravan adventures here, here & here.

After a while, living in the caravan was starting to feel a little pokey and it was too big to actually travel around in (something we had pondered) so we started looking for alternatives.  After some investigating, Dave came across this website: www.containercabins.com.au


The Shipping Container

The ‘eco-cabin’ is really just a humble shipping container that has been given a new lease on life.  The team at Container Cabins were the only people that we came across that actually make the shipping containers look like beautiful homes; were reasonably priced; and could get started right away.

Our Home



A ridiculous amount of shipping containers exist in the world today. In fact, more than 420 million shipping containers move around the globe every year, transporting 90% of the world’s cargo. (source:www.un.org) They are generally sent to scrap yards after their glamorous life of travelling the world, at the tender age of 20.  Recycling one instead of building a home from scratch (which would use up loads of natural resources) is a great way to help the planet.  It also won’t rot, is completely vermin proof, totally storm proof and we can easily move it with a tow truck.

It has an extended roof made out of cold-room/freezer panels which help to insulate the cabin. We’ve added one solar panel to the roof and one battery and that is all we need for lights, TV, a fridge and the occasional computer charge-up! (Though we do have a generator as well which we use occasionally when the sun hasn’t come out to play for a while, or if we want to use the coffee machine!)


Inside the cabin


Cabin Balcony


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed a little tour of our home!

Amanda x