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Amanda Rootsey (she/they) is the author of Shine from Within; a teen girl’s guide to life (Hay House), a youth mentor, an award-winning business coach and a co-host of the Gentle Business Mastermind.  Through her holistic training school, Shine From Within, Amanda has helped thousands of teens and tweens to develop their confidence and now trains adult around the world to be inspiring youth mentors through the online Youth Mentor Training.

Amanda has appeared on The Today Show (Channel 9) and Today Tonight (Channel 7), been mentioned as a ‘game-changer’ in The Collective magazine, an ‘all round advocate for Mother Earth’ by Peppermint Magazine and has been a regular columnist for Nature & Health Magazine and Profile Magazine.

It was a 2-year battle with cancer in her mid-twenties that changed Amanda’s perspective on life and inspired her to go vegan, simplify (living off-the-grid in a shipping container for over a year!), start meditating, enjoy each moment and encourage young folks to shine from within. They also love supporting others to find their own version of gentle living and working. 

As an international model in a previous life, Amanda has switched out Salvatore Ferragamo and Cartier to ocassionally work for eco-friendly and ethical brands who share her values, being labelled Australia’s first eco-model. 

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