Professional Bio

Amanda Rootsey (she/her) is a best-selling author of Shine from Within; a teen girl’s guide to life (Hay House), a youth mentor, a certified life and business coach and a co-host of the Gentle Business Mastermind.  Through her holistic training school, Shine From Within, Amanda has helped thousands of teens and tweens to develop their confidence and now trains adult around the world to be inspiring youth mentors through the award-winning online Youth Mentor Training.

Amanda has appeared on The Today Show (Channel 9) and Today Tonight (Channel 7), been mentioned as a ‘game-changer’ in The Collective magazine, an ‘all round advocate for Mother Earth’ by Peppermint Magazine and has been a regular columnist for Nature & Health Magazine and Profile Magazine.

It was a 2-year battle with cancer in her mid-twenties that changed Amanda’s perspective on life and inspired her to go vegan, simplify (living off-the-grid in a shipping container for over a year!), start meditating, enjoy each moment and encourage young folks to shine from within.

As an international model in a previous life, Amanda has switched out Salvatore Ferragamo and Cartier for eco-friendly and ethical brands who share her values, being labelled Australia’s first eco-model. 

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About me

 Hi & Welcome!  I’m Amanda.

This little blog is my online home, where I can share a bit more about my work and the things I love.  I also hope it will be a space for YOU to be as gentle as possible, with yourself, with others and with the planet.  It exists to make living gently, kindly,  in a modern world easier.   As well as little personal updates from me, you’ll find eco-fashion finds, eco-home inspiration, tips to simplify + bring more peace in to your life,  natural beauty tricks and even a vegan recipe or two.   So take a breather and explore.  It’s lovely to meet you. I started this blog back around 2010 I think, when I was going through cancer and just starting to learn about natural living. It’s been through a few iterations since then!

Who am I? Short + Sweet

+ teacher/mentor for teens through my business Shine From Within >>  a modern holistic training school giving teens the tools & confidence to shine.  I also train adults to be inspiring youth mentors in their own community.

+ eco model (I work exclusively with ethical, vegan and eco-friendly businesses as the face of their brand, ambassador, speaker…whatever they need to share their beautiful work with the world)

+ author/writer (e.g. I write a regular eco-style column for Nature & Health mag)

+ I’m also lucky to share my life with a beautiful man, David Rafter – a quiet, meditating, bearded surfer/gardener who loves to handcraft his 100% organic and vegan range of D+T organic beard care products (If you have a man with a beard, he’ll love them!  I personally love the beard oils as body oils and use the Hair Wax 🙂 ) We have a beautiful rescue staffy called Trudi.

Why on Earth did I start a blog?

I started blogging a few years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer and I couldn’t find anyone else to relate to and didn’t know where to start.  It was a way for me to connect with others and share what I was going through in case someone else was going through something similar.  It’s morphed along the way as I’ve gone from a scared girl who knew nothing of living gently to being described as an “all round advocate for Mother Earth,” by Peppermint Magazine and even demonstrated how to use food as make up on the Today Show for Natural Beauty Week!  It’s gone with me on juice fasts, meditation retreats, living off the grid, moving to the beach, moving to the trees, starting a business I love, sharing my favourite awesome eco-friendly businesses and I’m sure it will continue to morph and change.

Enough questions that I’m asking and answering myself – feels weird.  If you want to learn a bit more about my story, see below.  If you’d like to see my professional bio, scroll down even further.  If you’d like to get in touch or work with me, go here.  

Why I care about living gently…

Not so long ago, I was living a very different ‘modern’ life.  I was always working too much, taking on too much, partying too much and thought I was invincible!   But a few years ago I returned home from a modelling stint in Europe and my life was turned upside down.

I was diagnosed with cancer at 24.  

The next 2 years were a whirlwind of research, treatment and HUGE lifestyle changes.  In the beginning, I found this whole new world of natural health that I never knew existed, I learnt some awful truths about the food we eat, the chemicals we consume through our skincare and household products and their connection with disease and I did whatever I could to get my body ready to beat this.  I went vegan, started to meditate, cut out sugar and my partner sold up what he could so that he could take care of me.

We simplified our life and cherished every moment.

After an appointment with an Oncologist, I decided to try to heal my body naturally.  About a year along this journey I was having ups and downs.  It was a lonely road in Australia to be treating cancer naturally – there is no support and certainly no structured guidance.  There are a whole bunch of ‘treatments’ out there and stories of people being cured but there is not a lot of concrete evidence.  I tried a couple of different treatments, based on recommendations from doctors who were willing to assist, and my CT scans were showing that the tumours were reducing.  But a new tumour came up on my spinal cord and I was told that if I didn’t “do something drastic” (radiation and chemotherapy) straight away then I would be in a wheelchair within a week.  So I made the decision to go down the conventional path.  I had stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which I was told responds well to chemotherapy.  Though we didn’t end up doing it in a very conventional way…we lived in a caravan at the back of a meditation retreat so that we could live simply and focus on healing.  After 6 months of radiation and gruelling chemotherapy (rushed to emergency numerous times, couldn’t walk, lost all hair, on the brink of death!!)…

I was declared cancer-free.  Hooray!

I learned so so much about how amazing our bodies are, about the role we have to play in taking care our bodies before something like this happens, about how important it is to be balanced and open rather than too one-sided, about patience (oh my God I struggled with this one!), about how important it is to cherish every moment and about the incredible power of love and faith.  My partner, Dave and our puppy Trudi brought me so much happiness every single day and still do.  I will be forever grateful to the people I met along the way, the doctors and nurses who were so wonderful and of course my friends and family for their incredible support.  And I will always be grateful for the lessons I learned.  In particular, this experience really made me consider the kind of world we will leave behind for future generations.   Our time to leave this world can come at any moment.

“So, I’d like to invite you to take a moment to be grateful for your own lessons in life & be a little kinder to yourself, each other & our beautiful mama Earth”

These days Dave, Trudi and I still try to live simply and in tune with nature – we even lived in a recycled shipping container totally off the grid for a whole year!   It was such a beautiful experience and the perfect place to recover.  Now that I have my energy back, I love sharing what I’ve learned with others, helping women live gently through my coaching and giving girls the tools and confidence to shine from within through my training school.