Be gentle... with yourself, with others + with the planet.

– Courses I love –

Learning is the best!!  Here are a couple of my favourite online programs:  

Beautiful You Coaching Academy

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy course is a 6-month program that gives you the tools to build a business as a life coach.  It really lifted the way I set goals for myself, the way I communicate with the people closest to me and lifted the game in my own business, adding a whole new, incredibly rewarding, revenue stream.  If you’d like this for yourself, then I’d love to help you!  I use these high-level coaching skills with my young students and with my youth mentors daily.  I’ve put together a video review of the course as well as the support I offer to each person who signs up through me here.

– Productivity + Business programs I love –

A big part of doing business gently (without the hustle!) is having fantastic systems in place to keep things ticking along smoothly. Here are some of my favourite programs. 



All of my customer and community data, email management, marketing campaigns, sales pages, membership sites, order forms, payments, affiliate programs and sales data are all handled through Ontraport. I switched to Ontraport in 2019 and am so so glad I did. It’s meant that I have so much more time as many processes have been automated and it’s easy for me and my team to access everything they need.

We’re more professional and prompt because of it.  

Check out Ontraport here.


Asana is my favourite project management app. It’s a fun platform to create and organise to-do lists, for yourself and for any contractors or support people you have come on board down the track. I love the calendar view and list view at different times, I love the variation in how you can set up the projects and I love that a unicorn leaps across the page when I tick off a task! 

I also love that I can forward any emails to a particular project in Asana, for example any bills that come in get forwarded to my Payments project in Asana so that one day a week I can go to that project and clearly see everything that needs to be paid. Yay! 

Check out asana here.


Xero is great for bookkeeping. I was using a cheaper program and a free program before that but it got to a point where they frustrated me as they didn’t connect properly to bank feeds or work as intuitively as Xero.

I signed up for Xero through a book keeper who transitioned me over from my previous program. I recommend signing up for Xero through a bookkeeper because they usually get the program much cheaper and can then provide additional services for you for the same price as if you were to sign up individually. Just a little tip!

Check out Xero here.


** Some of the links above may be affiliate links.  This means I may earn a commission if you click through using my link and purchase or enrol in a program.  Please let me know if you do as I always like to offer additional support to anyone who signs up through me!

If you’d like a free eBook FULL of tips on building a sustainable business or a podcast about ditching the hustle, head to the Gentle Business Mastermind website which I co-run with a couple of friends. 


– Eco Fashion love –

I now spend 90% of my time deep in my work with Shine From Within but I was, for a number of years, an eco-model working exclusively with eco-friendly and ethical brands.  I love fashion and I also love mama Earth so it makes my heart sing to find brands who are trying to build their business in an ethical way.  Here are some old blog posts which share a bunch of brands. For a more up-to-date list, check out my ECO FASHION story over on Instagram. 



How to select ethical jewellery

Jewellery is so precious, often a symbol of love and friendship. But this symbol can also be an agent of change, given much more meaning when we can actually connect with the people who made the piece and know that it has been created in a conflict-free, ethical environment…


A few months ago I had the privilege of travelling down to Sydney for a photoshoot for this lovely Australian eco-fashion brand, Moonbird. Their pyjamas are made from beautifully soft 100% GOTS certified woven organic cotton and screen printed by hand. All dying, printing and assembling is conducted in a Fair Trade accredited facility in Jaipur, India. As I’m so strict with the brands that I work with, I get really excited when I discover a new one that is vegan, eco-friendly and ethical and actually get to work with them. Yay! Curl up and enjoy my favourites from their new collection.

Video: Fashion Hounding

I've been an avid op-shopper since high school.  So I was excited to spend a morning with the fashion hound herself, Faye De Lanty.  Not to mention my love of Totally Wild growing up...Faye was a host on this super cool eco-show so it's...

Kind Fashion Week!

When my beautiful friend Jess Ainscough approached me to be part of a collaboration on kind fashion, I jumped at the chance. Having worked as a model for so many years, I LOVE fashion but now what I really get my kicks out of is finding ethical and eco-friendly finds. I just think it’s another way we can do our bit to tread lighter on the planet.

Fashion Revolution Day – get on board!

On April 24 last year, over 1133 garment workers were killed in unsafe working conditions in a factory in Bangladesh. All over the world, people suffer every day to bring us our fashion. That’s not to say that fashion is bad. Fashion inspires us, pushes the boundaries and tells a story about who you are. It’s a powerful tool for self-expression. And it can be a force for good.

This year on April 24, we want to honour the victims of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh and we want to raise awareness about one of the fashion industries biggest challenges – ethical working conditions. We also want to celebrate fashion and the power it has to make big changes fast.

10 Eco Travel Essentials

The art of packing well cannot be underestimated! It can save you enormous amounts of space, money and unnecessary purchases, which are usually bought out of desperation. In those moments, we rarely have the time to source the best option. So, the more organized we can be with reusable and eco-friendly items, the more likely it is that we can save our time and money for site-seeing and adventure! So here are 10 essentials for your next trip…

Eco Fashion Find: A Boy Named Sue

Finally an awesome pair of organic cotton jeans. If you’ve seen my around the Sunshine Coast lately, it’s pretty likely I was wearing these!

Here are 3 ways to wear these L’Herbe Rouge organic white cotton jeans from A Boy Named Sue.

Fashion that gives back

My latest column for Nature & Health magazine is out and it’s all about fashion that gives back. It’s the perfect time of year for this article, when we can all go a little bit overboard with the gift-giving! If you are thinking about buying fashion for your loved ones this Chrissy, consider supporting a brand that is doing what they can to give back.

Fashion that feels AMAZING on the skin

As you may know, I write a regular column on Eco Style for a beautiful magazine called Holistic Bliss. The current issue is all about glowing skin. So I decided to interview my friend Sarah about her and her partner, Jason’s range called Bestowed. Their focus with this range is on pure, eco-friendly fabrics that feel nurturing against the skin so I knew this would be perfect for the skin issue. I’ve also included pics of some of my favourite pieces from the collection… Enjoy!