Be gentle... with yourself, with others + with the planet.

– Courses I love –

Learning is the best!!  Here are a couple of my favourite online programs:  

Beautiful You Coaching Academy

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy course is a 6-month program that gives you the tools to build a business as a life coach.  It really lifted the way I set goals for myself, the way I communicate with the people closest to me and lifted the game in my own business, adding a whole new, incredibly rewarding, revenue stream.  If you’d like this for yourself, then I’d love to help you!  I use these high-level coaching skills with my young students and with my youth mentors daily.  I’ve put together a video review of the course as well as the support I offer to each person who signs up through me here.

– Productivity + Business programs I love –

A big part of doing business gently (without the hustle!) is having fantastic systems in place to keep things ticking along smoothly. Here are some of my favourite programs. 



All of my customer and community data, email management, marketing campaigns, sales pages, membership sites, order forms, payments, affiliate programs and sales data are all handled through Ontraport. I switched to Ontraport in 2019 and am so so glad I did. It’s meant that I have so much more time as many processes have been automated and it’s easy for me and my team to access everything they need.

We’re more professional and prompt because of it.  

Check out Ontraport here.


Asana is my favourite project management app. It’s a fun platform to create and organise to-do lists, for yourself and for any contractors or support people you have come on board down the track. I love the calendar view and list view at different times, I love the variation in how you can set up the projects and I love that a unicorn leaps across the page when I tick off a task! 

I also love that I can forward any emails to a particular project in Asana, for example any bills that come in get forwarded to my Payments project in Asana so that one day a week I can go to that project and clearly see everything that needs to be paid. Yay! 

Check out asana here.


Xero is great for bookkeeping. I was using a cheaper program and a free program before that but it got to a point where they frustrated me as they didn’t connect properly to bank feeds or work as intuitively as Xero.

I signed up for Xero through a book keeper who transitioned me over from my previous program. I recommend signing up for Xero through a bookkeeper because they usually get the program much cheaper and can then provide additional services for you for the same price as if you were to sign up individually. Just a little tip!

Check out Xero here.


** Some of the links above may be affiliate links.  This means I may earn a commission if you click through using my link and purchase or enrol in a program.  Please let me know if you do as I always like to offer additional support to anyone who signs up through me!

If you’d like a free eBook FULL of tips on building a sustainable business or a podcast about ditching the hustle, head to the Gentle Business Mastermind website which I co-run with a couple of friends.