What is it about perfume?  So many women cannot handle the thought of leaving the house without their signature scent.  I remember when I was first old enough to be allowed to wear perfume….it was such a tough decision to decide what kind of woman you wanted to be.  Was I a florally, girly girl?  Or a sophisticated woman?  Or was I one of those sexy ones?  And the smells… they were all so intoxicating!

I haven’t worn perfume in years.  All those fragrances are no good for the body, I get a real ‘chemical’ feeling when I smell them now and they are based on alcohol, which is drying for the skin if nothing else (even the organic versions).

Michelle Marie Mcgrath, creator of Sacred Self alchemical oils, the I Heart My Life perfumes and Self Love Coach says, “The use of the words fragrance and parfum indicate that it’s synthetic.  Fragrant oils and essential oils are NOT the same thing, not even close.  Fragrant oils are an attempt to recreate the smells of nature extremely cheaply, mass produce them, slap on a whopping mark-up, distract you with branding and packaging and charge an inflated amount.”


So what else is out there?

Thankfully Michelle has crafted a range of sweet, simple and delicious perfumes perfect for popping in your handbag.  They are based on essential oils, which I absolutely love.   When I was talking to a girlfriend about these the other day she screwed her nose up and said something like, “essential oils are for the bath or an oil burner.”  So, just in case you are sceptical about these little bottles of Heaven, I’d love to give you some to try.  Make sure you have signed up for my mailing list on this website, jump on over to the Sacred Self site and do the same and then let me know in the comments below whether you want to ‘heart’ your mind, body or spirit.  Which one is calling you?   Sacred Self and I will select one winner at the end of the week.  *Only open to Australian residents.