It’s no secret that I love fair trade, eco-friendly, Sunshine Coast-based fashion label, Sinerji.   They just do everything possible to bring us beautiful, timeless fashion pieces that we can feel really proud to wear.  Their range is 100% vegan, right down to the vegan ‘silk’ they use, which is a combination of 50% organic cotton and 50% Beechwood.   They use organic fabrics and the dyes are natural.   Their patterns are designed by the beautiful women behind the label, Alice Jones and Louise Visser and are then produced sweat-shop free and fair trade in Thailand and India.  Louise regularly travels to both countries to work closely with the sewers and ensure they are well looked after.   Very humble, I love coaxing a story out of them about the work they do to support their garment makers in these areas.  They are both rays of gentle sunshine in their store next to Kunara Organic Marketplace (the largest organic marketplace in Australia), complete with an electric car charging station!

I am lucky to work closely with Sinerji and get to wear their beautiful garments often.  What I’m loving right now is their Audrey Again Dress.  As you can see below, I’ve worn all three colours on numerous occasions!   The Rust and Wine colours are a lighter weight organic cotton so are perfect for summer and the Black one (which has a gorgeous coffee fleck through it) is a little bit heavier, perfect for evenings or air conditioning.  The fit is just perfect, it has a lovely little sash and the back is stunning but allows you to still wear a normal bra.

Not one to shy away from wearing the same thing more than once, I think the Rust one will be my family Christmas Lunch dress!

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 Beautiful You Coaching Academy Graduation



Fashion Revolution Day 2014, Brisbane event at UQ


The Today Show 2014

Today Tonight Show for Natural Beauty Week 2014

Have you found any perfect items that you just have to have in more than one colour?  I’d love to hear about them!

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you have peaceful time over this holiday period.

Amanda x