There are lots of reasons to love bamboo clothing.  It’s anti-bacterial and has UV protection (the brand I’m wearing today, Bamboo Body has been tested and has UV 50+ protection) so it’s great on hot summer days, it’s super soft to wear and, in my experience, lasts well wash after wash.

It’s also considered by many to be an eco-friendly fabric because the bamboo plant is fast growing and requires very little water, in comparison to very thirsty cotton.  Bamboo crops also sequester more carbon dioxide than an equivalent stand of trees.  However, the process of pulverising the bamboo stalks and turning the plants in to a fibre is quite energy-intensive.  Unless you are planning on joining a nudist colony, we do have to wear something so it’s good to be aware of where things come from, what it takes to make them and regardless of the fabric you choose and the brands you support, only buy what you need.

If you need a new dress for summer, these are my picks from Bamboo Body‘s summer collection.

The above dress is the Berry Wrap Dress.   Here it is close up….  It’s such a gorgeous fit and would be super flattering on most body shapes.



This is the Henley Tank Dress.  It’s got little ties on the side so you can draw it up at the sides but I quite like them hanging down.  I really like the 3/4 length too.  Little Trudi likes it too!



Why I love them:

There are lots of bamboo brands out there these days but Bamboo Body are one of the originals.  They’ve done the research and have gone the extra mile in ensuring their garments are produced with the least amount of harm to people and the planet.  In particular:

  • The bamboo is grown in the Yunnan Province in China without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.  The plantation is managed in strict accordance with the international organic OCIA/NOP standard.
  • Their factory is also in China (where most, if not all Bamboo fabric comes from).  They’ve been producing out of this factory for almost 10 years and have been assured that the staff are paid above award wages, are given holidays and none of the employees are under the age of 18.  The factory also specialises in eco-friendly clothing so they have measures in place to recycle as much as possible and manage waste.
  • The fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means it is tested and there are no chemical residues on the fabric and the fabric has a skin-friendly pH level.
  • No air transport is used in transporting their garments.
  • They use recycled materials for packaging, swing tags, etc.

A fancy little black dress….

This is the Ruched Tank Dress.   Head over the website to see it up close.  I just loved this dress – it feels beautiful to wear (like all of them) but will be a classic staple to dress up with a blazer and accessories for a networking event or with a simple clutch for date night.




Finally, the Bamboo Maxi Dress.  This is the dress I decided to keep – it’s the perfect length for me and I love the thin navy stripes.  I love how my beautiful Stylist Zoe Champion paired it with sneakers and this cool necklace.  Zoe’s amazing – check her out for her wardrobe audits!  You might also see her in the Shine From Within images every now and then – she comes in to teach fashion to our teen students.




I’m wearing Kylie’s Professional Mineral Goddess Make Up (as usual!) which I sell here.

Head to Bamboo Body to see a whole range of bamboo fashion for men and women.  Which one’s are your faves?  What are your thoughts on bamboo as a sustainable and ethical fabric?  Let me know in the comments below.

*As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like it when people promote and share things without being totally upfront about whether they were paid or not.  So here are the deets: Bamboo Body sent me a whole bunch of their summer dresses because they knew that the people who follow this blog and follow me on social media would love to learn more about their brand.  I picked out my favourites to style and photograph, which I did with the help of Zoe (who I paid).  At the end, I got to choose a couple to keep (I kept the last dress – it was tough to send the rest back because I loved them all but I’m trying to keep my wardrobe as lean as possible – buying a whole bunch of eco-fashion isn’t eco-friendly if you don’t need it!) and I was also paid.  

Amanda xx