Over the last few days, while I’ve been talking so much about doing business gently, I’ve had some interesting conversations over Instagram messenger and one in particular stands out.  This beautiful woman reached out and asked me to point her in the right direction.

“I am having so much trouble grounding my business,” she said.   She then went on to explain that she loves the work she does, get’s rave feedback from people when she does her thing, but doesn’t know how to get it out there.

I asked her if she had done any business training.  She hadn’t.  And that simple question must have created a big shift over the next few days.  The next message excitedly shared that she finally had some clarity about what to do next.  She realised that she didn’t want it to be a ‘sideline’ thing anymore.  For the better part of a year, she had been feeling ‘stuck’ and this had finally lifted!

What had stopped her from enrolling in any business course before was all the #girlboss #hustle language that she had seen, which she just didn’t resonate with.

I felt like this back in 2012, when I had run a couple of workshops, and knew I wanted to grow Shine from Within to be my business, but was still playing ‘small.’  I was still kinda hiding in the shadows, for a lot of the same reasons that my lovely new friend above, mentioned.  Because I wanted to serve.  Not take pictures of myself in front of jet planes (which is what I saw in the online business world, not exaggerating!).  I still had this viewpoint that for it to be a successful business then I would need to ‘sacrifice,’ ‘work hard,’ and ultimately leave my integrity at the door.  I’ve heard that awful saying, ‘It’s just business,’ too many times as an excuse for people to abandon their better judgement for a quick buck.  And so, I was happy for it to be an on-the-side thing that helped other people but didn’t really support me (not very sustainable!).

I now know it doesn’t have to be this way!  You can ‘step up’ in your business, gently.  And you can do it with people around you who get you.  I feel so blessed to have found like-minded women in the business space that aren’t necessarily in the same industry (and in fact different industries can often be a blessing and bring fresh perspectives), but who share similar values.  That’s where the magic happens if you ask me!  Feeling supported, being able to vent when you need to, realising that we all go through ups and downs and then helping and supporting each other to do things more gently in future.  Honing in on what’s working and what isn’t so that you can be more efficient with your time and ‘leverage’ in a gentle way.

So I ask you, are you ready to step up in your own business?  Ready for it to go from that sideline thing or the ‘hobby’ (as my accountant used to call my business many moons ago!) and make it your real-life business?  

‘Yes,’ I hear you say?  Yay!

Well I recorded a short video last week where I shared what I did to take my little hobby business to my real-life business in a way that worked for me, which you can watch here (only available for a limited time).  And you can learn about the very first online business course that I took here (which is still around by the way and will be opening up soon for enrolments too!).

And if you’ve done the training, have the business and really want to grow it sustainably and purposefully this year, then please do come on over to check out the Gentle Business Mastermind too.  It’s a brand new offering that my 2 mastermind buddies, Nicola Newman and Naomi Arnold have been planning for you over the past 6 months.  We can’t wait!  The mastermind is super accessible (starts at just $14 per week!) and will guide you through 10 months of adjustments, inspiration and practical advice to change the way you do business.

Let me know what you think!

Oh oh, and finally, if you’re in Brisbane QLD Australia, I’ll be speaking about gentle business at the Soulpreneurs conference on the weekend, 17th Feb!  Get your tickets at the link above and make sure you mention me in the referrer box – we’ll then jump on a call after the conference to debrief together and set some action steps!  Woohoo!

I asked the lovely woman that I mentioned above if she minded if I share parts of her story and this is what she said, “I sure am ok with it.  You know, even the fact that you have respected me enough to ask?  I really feel seen and valued. To have this in ‘the business world’?!?!?!  This whole experience with you has completed shifted the energy associated with being enough ‘as I am’ in business.  Amanda, it’s one thing to put out a course or mastermind with offerings of how it’s going to be, it’s a whole other experience to feel and witness the integrity before it even starts.  Happy for you to share anything.”

“…As I am, in business…”  Wow.  Reading those words reminded me of how I felt so alone and different for wanting to work in a gentle way.  Feeling like perhaps I should just get a job and do my fun thing on the side because I don’t ‘have the stomach’ for real business.  It was Nicola and Naomi who really helped me see that being ‘as I am’ in business is my greatest asset.  As it should be for all of us!

Ahh I can’t wait to have these conversations over the next 10 months with our mastermind!  


Be gentle, with yourself, others and the planet.  🙂

Amanda xx

**Image at the top is of me speaking all about my business, Shine From Within, and how to support youth as a coach at an inspiration day for Beautiful You life coaches.  Felt like it was a good representation of me doing well in my business!  Ha!


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