UPDATE 2020: PLEASE SEE THIS LATEST POST FOR LATEST REVIEW, UPDATED BONUS AND INSTRUCTIONS ON ENROLLING: https://www.amandarootsey.com.au/6-years-on-a-review-of-the-beautiful-you-coaching-academy/

From 2015: I graduated as a Beautiful You Life Coach almost a year ago now and I still whip out my books each month to go over things, love utilising all of the extra resources and worksheets with my own coaching clients and am constantly being surprised by just how much this course helped me – in life and in my business.    So I wanted to share with you some of my learnings from the course and how I’ve utilised the training in ways I never expected in this short video.

This course really lifted the way I set goals for myself, the way I communicate with the people closest to me and lifted the game in my own business, adding a whole new, incredibly rewarding, revenue stream.  If you’d like this for yourself, then I’d love to help you.

Head over to this page to see my latest video (reflecting on 5 years on since graduating!), which includes more details on how the course supported me, how I can support you to decide of this course is right for you and if you do decide to enrol, all the ways I can support you through the training and beyond. 

Amanda x