I recently got to work with my beautiful friends, Ann Lodberg – incredible make up artist & Anna Gahm – amazing photographer, on a beauty shoot.   Ann has recently decided to cut out all animal products from her diet and was pretty excited about the opportunity to try out some 100% cruelty-free and toxic-free mineral make up.  I’ve tried loads of Adorn products and love them but I was really keen to hear some feedback from a pro.  Here’s what Ann had to say:


“As a Makeup Artist, I constantly get exposed to a lot of different products, most of which contain a long list of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. So it was very refreshing to work with Adorn Mineral Cosmetics (which was the exclusive product line used on model Amanda Rootsey for this photo shoot, photographed by the talented Anna Gahm). I guess for me, the two great things about Adorn is that a: it is non-toxic and guilt free (e.g. you can sleep with it on overnight without fearing what it will do to your skin.. it doesn’t clog the pores etc.) and b: the products actually work really well!

There were a lot of stand out products from the range. I loved the Foundation Base Skin Primer ($57), which contains Rosewater, Witch Hazel Extract and Grapefruit Seeds. It is very light and packed with goodness for your skin, but be sure that the primer has absorbed into skin before applying any foundation, as the mineral powder foundation will ‘stick’ to the skin otherwise. You will totally know if you have put the foundation on too early!

Secondly, I also really loved the loose foundation ($59). I think this mineral foundation is SERIOUS competition to all of the other mineral foundation brands out there on the market. You can use it as a dry loose powder or add a little water to your foundation brush and it becomes a liquid foundation!  I really liked the lightness of the product, it was almost as if Amanda wasn’t wearing any foundation at all, yet it gave a nice coverage. Another plus is the SPF 15+ rating!

One other thing that’s quite clever about Adorn is that because it is toxic free you are able to get quite a bit of ‘multi use’ out of their products (this is not really recommend for traditional makeup products due to the possibility of adverse reactions). Their mascara doubles up as a liquid liner (simply use an angle brush to apply). Their eyeshadows also convert to liquid liners, just by adding a little water. I used an eyeshadow as a highlighter and cream blush as a lipstick.

The possibilities are endless!”

Ann’s review originally appeared on her blog – check it out here.