I know what my Dad would say…”Don’t you think you are taking this a bit far Amanda? Organic undies – really?” He thought I was a bit loony when I was trying to explain the plight of silk worms and why I have chosen not to wear silk.  But if you are into eco-friendly fashion, or even just healthy living, then it’s a no brainer that the garments up close and personal should be as natural and chemical-free as possible.

High Waisted Brief

Full Cup Bra

Triangle Bra


Eco Undies

I’ve tried a few brands of organic, ethically-made undies.  Right now I’m loving Nico Underwear.  Their undies are comfy, their wire-free bra feels free and lovely and the fabrics are delicate, breathable and seem to be lasting really well after a few washes.  I love that they come wrapped in a beautiful garment bag rather than wasting extra packaging too.

They are also really well made.  The seams don’t cut in and once they’re on,  you don’t notice them (i.e. no wedgies).  If you haven’t tried wire-free bras before, you should give them a go.  The triangle bra in the above shot is perfect for a smaller bust but if you are a large B or above I would go for the more supportive one.  At first I found wire-free bras took a little getting used to but now I hate putting on my usual t-shirt bra now if the rest are in the wash.  Wire-free is better for your health too as the constant digging in of the wire has been linked to breast cancer.

Thanks for sending me these beautiful pieces to try Nico, they are gorgeous!



Caring for your undies

Of course if you are going to buy natural, organic fibres for your undies, then you don’t want to be washing them in chemical-laden detergent.  It is this end of the lifecycle of a garment that has the biggest impact on the environment too so taking care to use earth-friendly products and wash your garments gently is the best thing you can do for the planet (other than go naked).  I love soap nuts, though I still use one of those expensive natural detergents every few washes too as the soap nuts don’t cut it full time in my opinion. My friend Mandy Moo 2 (I’m Mandy Moo 1) from the Church Farm General Store, adds some essential oil to her washes as well so they smell delicious. Lavender is great as it has the added benefit of having antibacterial properties.

If you are gentle with your garments – turn items inside out, pop delicate items in the delicates bag or hand wash them and hang them out to line dry whenever possible – then they’ll stand the test of time and do you proud for years to come.


Have you found a good organic underwear brand?

Some other ethical/eco/positive brands I’ve come across but haven’t tried yet include:




Pants to Poverty