Natural ‘beauty’ is not just for the girls.  According to the Environmental Working Group, men are slathering themselves with an average of 85 chemicals per day.  And let’s face it, men are incorporating more in to their grooming regime than ever before and it’s not going to stop anytime soon!   My partner, Davey is no exception.  He’s obsessed with his beard, often linking it to the very essence of his manhood.

What started out as a love story between man and beard has resulted in an exciting business.  It all started a few months ago when Dave started blending some of my essential oils with coconut oil, sick of being told by his little nieces that he always smelt like coconut.  He became obsessed with creating the perfect, nourishing beard oil to ensure his beard was always at it’s best.  I have to admit, I’ve been loving it – his skin is soft, the hairs are actually softer too and he smells divine (in a manly way of course)!

Now he has created the only 100% vegan and organic range of beard oils on the market, as well as an organic vegan beard balm (which was particularly difficult to create as most beard balms use beeswax).

I’m so excited to share them with you and to celebrate Natural Beauty Week, Dave has launched the website early to offer a discount.  Check them out here and use coupon code ‘NBW2014’ for your discount.

Have you found any good natural male products?   Do you know a guy obsessed with his beard?  I’d love to know!


Amanda x