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Natural Skin Care 101

As I mentioned earlier in the week, the lovely people at Endeavour College of Natural Health, invited me along to one of their short courses - DIY Skin Care Products.  If you missed it, check out my intro to the course here.  Today I'm going to give you a bit more...

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Natural Hair Care

I recently had a hair cut but the hairdresser was all out of natural, water-based hair colours so I didn’t have it coloured. After my lovely boyfriend pointed out that I had a LOT of greys, I decided that I couldn’t wait until I went back to the hairdressers – I had to fix this abnormally-grey-for-a-25-year-old situation ASAP.

I considered just buying a regular colour from the pharmacy but considering how much I am watching what chemicals I put in my mouth and on my skin, it seemed important to refrain from putting harsh chemicals on to my scalp.

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