For the last 3 years, I’ve been the very proud Ambassador of the College of Natural Beauty and the face of their change campaign, Natural Beauty Week.  It’s been such a pleasure to watch this grow over the years and see so many people make the switch to natural and encourage their own communities to do the same.

Last year we ended up on the Today Show showing Australia how to use food as make up (it doesn’t get more natural than putting cacao and spirulina on your face!) but this year the focus has shifted to how beauty begins in the belly.

I think this is such an important aspect of beauty to focus on because we all want a ‘quick-fix’ product that’s going to make our skin glow and forget that our skin is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside.  So if we want glowing, gorgeous, healthy skin, we have to start with the basics like hydration, fruits and vegetables and nourishing the body from the inside out.  There are lots of incredible free webinars and live events happening all next week (19-23 October).  Some of the events I’m most excited about include:


+ Beauty Begins in Your Belly 

Live Event in Brisbane, Wednesday 21st Oct, 12pm.

Naturalist, chef, author, avid beauty formulator and beauty and health expert, Carla Oates, the “Beauty Chef,” will present her firm philosophy that beauty begins in your belly, addressing how to establish a routine to maintain beauty both from the ‘inside-out’ and ‘outside-in’.

Shine From Within Webinar

Free Webinar, Tuesday 20 October, 6pm.

Adele McConnell of and I are having a chat via webinar on transitioning to a more natural, simple life, intuitive cooking and more.  Join us for this fun chat and ask us any questions you like!

+ Can the Beauty Ideal Ever Be Dispelled?

Free Webinar, Thursday 22 October, 6:30pm

As we face a period of global low body and image confidence our expert panel, including Turia Pitt, Dr Amie Steel & Dr Kate Broderick, will share their thoughts about the implications of that, and try to challenge the dominant logic before hopefully provoking some new thoughts and actions.

 Clean Beauty – The Colour Story

Free Webinar, Monday 19 October, 6pm

Food Scientist, Product Designer and natural beauty expert Cindy Luken from lük beautifood will speak about identifying synthetic colours and toxins in your personal care products and looks at how to harness the ‘beauty of food’ to cultivate a healthy natural glow.

Beauty Regime Begins in Your Kitchen

Live Event in Brisbane, Tuesday 20 October, 10:30am 

Naturopath and Nutritional Medicine practitioner Tina Taylor will present a free public workshop to give an insight into how the right foods can result in a radiant appearance and great overall wellbeing.


I also wanted to have a quick chat with Heddy Macaulay, the Director of the College of Natural Beauty.

How did Natural Beauty Week come about?

It all started with a simple idea three years ago- to launch a change campaign which heightened consumers awareness about the harmful chemicals in many beauty products and to encourage people to switch to more natural products.


What’s surprised you the most about the response you’ve had in previous years?

The diversity of public engagement – we’ve had people get on board across ages and genders, and the breadth of our message. Seeing engagement from consumers in Canada and Europe was also a highlight.


This year’s theme is heavily focused on beauty starting within.  What are you most looking forward to exploring with this theme?

It’s pretty simple – beauty comes from within. If you put low grade fuel into your car, chances are it’ll need attention….why then do people think they can look and feel great while relying on poorly nutritious food?


What’s the best way for the public to get involved?

Register for the free webinars or presentations, take part in our no-make day, communicate the week with as many people as possible, talk to your children about what we are doing and please visit our Facebook page and share our articles and posts.


How do you personally embrace natural beauty?  

Completely! I follow a strict diet of no processed foods, sugars or caffeine – and religiously read labels of everything I put on my skin or in my body. Additionally I am happy in the skin I’m in – it’s taken me decades but finally I am completely happy with who I am and how I look. Do yourselves a favour and stop comparing yourself…


I know you’re heading to Las Vegas this month…what are doing there?

I will be attending the iSpa conference and speaking with delegates about Natural Beauty Week. In between I am being interviewed by a Vegas-based radio show that is focused on health and wellbeing.


So make sure you head over to to check out the rest of the events, register for a free online webinar or two and take this opportunity to start a conversation about the importance of natural beauty.


Amanda x