You may have heard that my 2 mastermind buddies, Nicola Newman and Naomi Arnold, and I have decided to open up our space to a group of folks who’d like to do business gently in 2018.  The Gentle Business Mastermind will support you to do business in a successful, strategic, potent, sustainable way.  This is the year that we focus on what’s most important and grow our businesses gently.  Ohh I’m so excited!!  In the lead up to the mastermind starting, Nicola, Naomi and I have been having fun sharing more about each other in a little ‘blog hop’ of interviews!  So I’d love to introduce you to my beautiful friend, Naomi Arnold.

Naomi and I both studied through Marie Forleo’s B-School (click here to read our experience!) and the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  In fact, we’ve both won awards through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy too – Nai took out International Coach of the Year a couple of years ago and the following year I won Best Program of the Year with my Youth Mentor Training.  It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Nai won International Coach of the Year.  She’s such a supportive, wise woman and I’ve learned so much from masterminding with her and Nic over the years and working together to bring the Gentle Business Mastermind to life.

What I’m most excited about with the Gentle Business Mastermind is being able to share their words of wisdom and nurturing vibes with everyone who joins us.  I’ve been selfishly keeping them to myself for long enough!


The interview

What was one of the hardest things for you in the first year of your business?

Oh my, this is such a tough question as there were so many hard moments in my first year of business. I think the toughest though was managing the ‘juggling act’ – not just in terms of roles and time management (e.g., I was a new Mum, had a day job, my Dad had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, we were building a house, I was studying + more), but also in terms of finances (i.e., starting a business isn’t always cheap, especially when you’ve got a family, mortgage and bills to pay!) and self stuff (e.g., balancing the deep drive to succeed while also trying to be patient and appreciate that it will take time, juggling the knowledge that you have to be visible with the introverted desire to hide away!). I found that navigating life and business in that first year taught me more about myself, what I’m capable of and my needs than any other experience so far in my life!

As someone who coaches people on how to ‘dream for others’ what do you find challenges people with giving back in their business?

I think the biggest challenge for people, especially those who are new to business, is that they think that have to have a huge platform or lots of money to be able to give back or make a difference. This just isn’t true – there are so many ways that we can give back or take personal responsibility for creating change in areas that we are passionate about. I always like to ask them: what could you do give back right now (big or small), within your means? When we open our minds to the different ways that we can give back or help contribute to social change, there are so many possibilities.

Do you have a favourite playlist you love to listen to while working?

I used to be a real ‘music-head’. When I worked for the Australian Government in Canberra, I’d walk to the shops during my lunch break and buy a new album each pay week. Then, when I quit, started my own business, had a baby and moved back home to Queensland, I fell out of the habit of listening to music. Isn’t that sad?

This is why one of my intentions for 2018 was to begin playing with music again. As a starting point, I’ve been making my way through this list of songs and artists, thanks to a recent post by Anuradha Kowtha recently. I’ve been discovering so many amazing artists and tunes as a result – like Andra Day who I’m listening to right now as I type this actually.

When I’m doing something that requires a lot of brain power though or when I’m studying or writing an assignment (as I’m doing a Master of Human Rights), I need complete silence. My sensitive nature finds the music and all sound distracting!

Latest show you’ve been watching?

My 4 year old started kindergarten this past month and has been bringing home lots of germs. This has meant that I’ve been getting some of them myself, which has led to lots of rest and Netflix time! So far this past month or so I’ve watched: The Sapphires (again!), Morocco – Love in Times of War,  The Pinkertons, and Wanted. My all-time fave shows though are Dark Angel, Nikita, Alias and Veronica Mars. Noticing any themes there? HA!

What do you do to fill up your tank?

To refill my tank, I spend time outside – usually at the beach (as we live just one street away), going for walks, sitting on my rock near the water and just watching the waves, having brunch or coffee in the garden of a cafe. I also read A LOT – you can find my current reading list here (and I’ve also been reading more of the titles of the authors listed in that post because I’ve loved their writings so much). And I like to paint as well, although not nearly as much as I’d like. And most importantly, I’m trying to have no-technology time this year and limit my social media use – in order to completely switch off from work and spend time with my family and self. This is something I haven’t been so great at in the past.


Isn’t she great?  Want to stay in the gentle zone with us?  You can watch some short videos on how we each do business gently here.  You can also read Nicola’s interview with me here and Naomi’s interview of Nicola here.

And you can join us all in our Gentle Business Mastermind, which closes this Friday!  Come on over here to learn more and join us for a successful, but hustle-free 2018!!  Woo!