There is something really beautiful about reflecting on the year that was.  Suddenly voices that go something like ‘what did I do with my life this year???’ are softened as you start to look at how the year unfolded (properly, not just latching on to a few potent memories that can sometimes warp our perceptions).  It’s a great time to be open, honest, celebratory, gentle with yourself and then move forward to start planning for 2015.

There are countless tools with which you can do this and hopefully you have already kinda done it already.  But if not there are workbooks, online programs, real books, a big piece of cardboard, a journal, your own blog, programs/apps that will sum up your year in about 8 of the most popular photos on Instagram (accompanied by nostalgic music of course) and I even noticed that Facebook can create some sort of photo montage to your year too….. whatever floats your boat.  Do it for yourself though (not as another way to show your Facebook friends how freakin’ awesome the highlights of your life are).  Look at what worked in your life and what you didn’t love so you can create more awesomeness in 2015.

I love this beautiful free workbook that you can download by Susannah Conway.   Check it out if you are not sure where to start.  Davey and I both did this this year and it was really lovely to sit down together, reflect on 2014 and share our vision for 2015.  I also love Leonie Dawson’s workbooks – they are $9.95 – and are super fun, bright, colourful, helpful and awesome, particularly if you have a business of your own.

workbook love

Some of my favourite tools…featuring Spirited, Happiness book from Kiki-K, The Desire Map and the two I’ve mentioned.

I won’t go in to a lengthy post about the awesomeness that was 2014, but I will say thank you 2014 – you have been challenging, beautiful, wonderful and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has to offer!  Now let’s move on to bigger and brighter (and more gentle) things…


Moving in to 2015 with ease & grace…

If you are ready to let go of old stories that are holding you back and get crystal clear on how you want 2015 to pan out, then I’d really love to help you.  After much consideration, I’ve decided to open up some coaching spots for women this year.  By now you probably know I’m a pretty chilled out girl so I really specialise in helping you find clarity, being gentle with yourself (while challenging you enough to get you where you want to go) and creating a life that feels right for YOU.  There is no cookie-cutter, 5 step program that will create the perfect life for you.

Just look at me – I thrive on having a few projects but I hate feeling too overwhelmed and busy.  Hence the school for teen girls, writing for mags on eco-style, working with clients that share my values and are sustainable/ethical on all sorts of projects and doing it all in a way that feels gentle and peaceful for me, provides my version of stability and security and gives me the opportunity to work from home with my beautiful little family (aka Trudi the staffy and Davey the beard-oil-creating hermit).  🙂

You might just like to set some goals to feel happier, healthier and more peaceful in 2015 or you might want to totally give your life an overhaul.  I know that personally, having a coach to support you, deeply listen and keep you accountable is freakin’ awesome.

And lately I’ve been doing some one-on-one coaching for women who are ready to get clear on their own goals and start working towards them (rather than just dreaming about them).  From a healthier lifestyle, to deciding on what their dream career is, I’ve been lucky enough to witness them get crystal clear on what it is they actually want during our fortnightly Skype calls, and then support them between sessions as they do the work to get stuff happening.

So if you feel like I might be the one to support you to make 2015 the best year EVER then please just shoot me an email.  As you may have guessed from the above list of fun things I do, I have a limited number of women I can work with at any one time.  But it feels right to put this out in to the world as something I do (as I’ve been doing it behind the scenes anyway and have a few clients already signed up for 2015!).

The areas I know loads of stuff about include – getting clear on what will truly bring you peace and happiness, taking those first few steps to bring that vision to life, simplifying your life and gentle living, anything to do with natural beauty, finding that special something you have to offer the world and being kind to yourself because you’re awesome.  I’m putting this out there for women, young and old.  I’ve worked with girls from 15 to 50 and have loved working with every single client.  Each one is so special and it’s such an honour to support them on their unique journey.  

To give you a heads-up, I don’t love coaching about – relationships, full on health plans/eating plans (unless you are or want to go vegan), or helping you build a multi-million dollar empire (though I do love supporting women to start a business that suits their values and lifestyle).  If you specifically want a health coach, a love/relationship coach or a ‘bust your balls and make millions’ type of business coach, I know some awesome ones so feel free to let me know and I’ll happily send you their way.

If you are interested in learning more, simply email me and I’ll send you out some more info and a short questionnaire.  We can then have a free 30 minute consultation to chat and see if I’m the right person for you.


Happy 2015!!

Amanda xx