What a beautiful, crazy time of year!  This week I got pulled over the police for driving an unregistered vehicle (was 2 days late with my bill) and I was so upset.  Cried uncontrollably the whole way home.  It felt good to just cry but man, it showed me how exhausted I am feeling as the year comes to a close.  Being unable to drive for a few days has been an absolute blessing.  I’ve spent a few days at home with the puppy Trudi (Davey is such a beautiful soul and is down in Brisbane with his parents while his Dad is in hospital) and it’s been productive and peaceful.  I feel very happy to now let go of work for a few days over Chrissy and just be with my beautiful family.

Needless to say with this blog post title, I’m a little behind on a couple of gifts so here are my tips for last minute, sustainable Christmas shopping!  

1.  An Animal Totem


My beautiful friend, Krys Hansen, from Practise Wellness, gifted me this for my birthday this year.  It was such a fun thing to do – you fill in a questionnaire, send in some photos & the gorgeous Fox, Emelie, works out what your animal totem is.  I am a Lioness.  Just typing that out made me sit up a little taller and prouder so, while I was a bit perplexed at myself as a Lioness at first, I love the idea of stepping in to this creature for 2014.  Look out world!  As a gift to someone, you pay whatever you feel like and then the email arrives in your friend’s inbox.  Check it out here:  ForbiddenLife.com


2.  DIY Raw Chocolate 

Make some raw chocolate, cut it up in to chunks, pop it in a jar and tie it with ribbon.  Recipe over at Shine From Within.

raw choc


3.  A copy of Spirited.

If you are buying for someone who needs a whole lot of clarity and inspiration, then this is the gift for her.   My beautiful friends Tara and Rach have spent all year putting this together and it’s nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful.



4. A collection of awesome recipe e-Books!



5.  A Twenty8 Xmas Gift pack

(though not sure it will arrive on time now – they are just so divine though!)

I do this Body Boost every single morning and it is the loveliest morning ritual.  You get to massage your body, breathe in the aromatherapy blend that you need for the day (my favourites are: peace and meditation; detox and uplift; courage and compassion) and give yourself a good, quick dose of self-love.  body-boost-travel-gift-pack-01

6.  Sponsor an animal

Sponsor a beautiful animal who has been rescued from an abusive situation or factory farm.  As a sponsor you get to provide for your new little friend and you can visit with your own private tour of the sanctuary any time you want!   Farm Animal Rescueis situated about 45 minutes from Brisbane and the volunteers there are truly amazing and totally devoted to taking care of these guys.




7.  A place in the shine from within course

If you are buying for a young girl, aged 10 – 17 that lives in Queensland, then it’s not too late to enrol her in a Shine From Within course.



8.  A gardening course with Nicola

If you are buying for a wannabe gardener, then get them an online gardening course with the beautiful Nicola.  




9.  Make Peace on your Plate e-Book

I had so much fun spending the day with some of my most treasured friends as we ate delicious food and filmed the launch of Jess’s book, Make Peace on Your Plate.  It’s an incredible book from an inspirational woman and I can’t recommend it enough.  Buy the book here.


10.  A Manicure

If you are buying for someone who needs to be pampered but you are on a tight budget, then give them the gift of a beautiful manicure at the College of Natural Beauty’s clinic.  Students in training will take extra special care of you under the guidance of their supervisor.  I’ve personally experienced this and LOVED it!

11. Raw Beauty eBook

If you are buying for someone who would love some raw food recipes and beauty inspiration, then the eBook compiled of Earth Event’s Raw Beauty Workshops is for her!


12.  A Vegan Card 

If you are buying for someone who is vegan and would get super excited about discounts at over 100 vegan and vegan-friendly places around the country, then get them a Vegan Card!


You can also check out my last post which has some great links for eco-fashion stores, though I don’t think they will arrive on time for Chrissy!   Most of all, keep in mind that the best give you can give someone on Christmas (and any other time of the year) is a bit of extra love and care from you.

Peace & Love,


Amanda xx