When my beautiful friend Jess Ainscough approached me to be part of a collaboration on kind fashion, I jumped at the chance.  Having worked as a model for so many years, I LOVE fashion but now what I really get my kicks out of is finding ethical and eco-friendly finds.  I just think it’s another way we can do our bit to tread lighter on the planet.

So all this week over at Jess’s blog, you will see a huge range of gorgeous kind fashion, styled and modelled by us (we had so much fun being silly and dressing up together!).  We even made sure that we used my absolute favourite make up in the world, Kylie’s Professional, which is all natural, vegan and Australian-made.

Today is actually International Mother Earth Day which fits in quite nicely with the concept of eco-fashion and on Thursday is Fashion Revolution Day, which I spoke about here last week.  It’s just a big ol’ “love the environment & each other” kind of week!   One way you can get involved is take a selfie with your clothes inside out and the hashtag #insideout.  The more people who do this on Fashion Revolution Day (April 24), the more power it will have to show big designers and retailers that we do actually care about the people making our clothes and it’s important that they are treated fairly.





Check out Part One with lots of gorgeous images over at JessAinscough.com.  All amazing photos by Bayleigh Vedalgo.

Amanda xx