I’ve had some queries, comments and emails lately asking about which skin care products I use.  So rather than keep replying one by one, I thought it was time to open up my bathroom cabinet and show you what’s inside!  They are all vegan and as natural as possible.

My new favourite skin care range is Montville Organic Skincare (MOS).  The lovely team at MOS are in the process of transitioning all of their products to be completely vegan and cruelty-free at the moment, so I use a combination of their products and some other faves.  What I love about MOS is that they are all made locally, they are a Unicef Champion for Children Sponsor and they use simple, natural, fair-trade and organic ingredients.  I am also lucky enough to be their new cover girl!


MOS Turkish Rose Toner

~ Smells so beautiful.

Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser

~ I love so many of the fresh and natural products at Lush.

Arbonne FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub

~ Feels incredible afterwards!

Nature’s Quest Facial Moisturizer

~ Cheap and smells divine!

The Natural Dentist Toothpaste 

~ It’s tough to find natural, vegan toothpaste that tastes good and actually feels like it cleans your teeth!  I found this one in a health food store.



MOS I Serum

~ Perfect for keeping away wrinkles!


MOS Coconut & Vanilla Body Butter

~ This really is heavenly, thick, rich body butter.

MOS All Natural Perfume

~ Smells beautiful without the awful toxic ingredients that are found in regular perfumes.

Sukin Deodorant 

~ Lovely and fresh.

My own Body Scrub

~ This is something I make at home, click on the link to find the recipe.


Arbonne FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme

~ I always have this in my handbag – not too greasy and leaves hands feeling soft and supple.

Lavender Hand Sanitizer

~ I found this in my local health food store and it smells much better than those hand sanitizers filled with alcohol!


MOS Shea Lip Stuff

~ Lovely and moisturizing.

Sukin Shampoo & Nature’s Organics Organic Care Shampoo

~ I alternate between the two brands as the Sukin one doesn’t have the ingredient which makes it foam up (SLS), so it’s better for you, but it feels good to lather up occasionally!

So there you have it – that’s what is in my beauty cabinet (or should I say toiletries bag as I don’t have a cabinet at the moment!).

What are your favourite brands?

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