I think pretty much anyone in business will tell you that there are always times when you feel scared, lonely and like it’s all too hard.  When I’m feeling like that, it’s the women in my life who ‘get’ what I’m going through who I turn to.  These connections, relationships and friendships are what make it possible to keep going.  They inspire me, push me and support me.  And I met most of these women in online programs.

Which is one of the biggest reasons why, no matter how much I learn or how much I feel like my business is growing, I will always invest time and money into learning.  This year, I enrolled in Soulpreneurs.   And what I absolutely LOVED about this program is that it was filled with women who are genuinely trying to make some kind of positive difference in the world.  Their motivation to start a business, or build on their already established business, was not about making 6 or 7 figures.  

It was about going deeper into how they could authentically and soulfully serve in the world, while also feeling supported.  They wanted to tap into their own strengths and passions and share that with the world in a positive way.  Help someone, somehow.

What I didn’t expect from enrolling in this course was the assistance and support I got in creating a brand new offering.  It helped me get my online program, Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training up and running.  I remember attending one of the in-person training days earlier in the year, sitting in the ‘hot seat’ and pitching this crazy idea that I had been working on for months and months behind the scenes.  I also remember the swift kick up the butt that Yvette gave me about the price I was suggesting (thankfully!), because Soulpreneurs in particular, can really struggle to charge what they’re worth.  We just love to do what we do and the promotion and the ‘money side of things’ can feel icky.  Yvette is an amazing shining light for those of us like this and she firmly, but lovingly, helps us to step up.

I launched my program a month or so later, putting into practice the tools I learnt throughout the program, and it sold out within 3 days!  I have absolutely LOVED delivering this program over the last 3 months and meeting the wonderful, passionate women who are now going to go out into the world to ultimately support MORE teen girls, and I have the Soulpreneurs community to thank for that.

Soulpreneurs is the brain-child of my dear friend, Yvette Luciano.  Yvette and I became friends years ago when we were both going through cancer.  She is someone I admire for many reasons but, in particular, as someone who goes BIG in her business and truly follows her heart.  The conversations I’ve had with her over the years about the different events she’s run through her wildly successful Earth Events, and in particular the events or people she has said ‘no’ to simply because they didn’t feel like the right fit, have lead me to have a serious amount of admiration for her and earned her a bucket-load of respect in the health and wellness industry.

I interviewed Yvette as part of our Youth Mentor Training and wanted to share a snippet of that video with you, where she’s talking all about what a Soulpreneur really is.

Having just gone through this program myself, I can tell you it’s useful, soulful, practical and inspiring, regardless of where you’re at in your business or business concept.  It would be GREAT if you’re just starting out but I got just as much value from it as someone who’s been in business for years.


And I’m excited to say that I’ll be a guest teacher in the program this year, talking about how I got a book deal with Hay House and also about how to share your “story” in a beautiful, positive way that doesn’t leave your audience feeling like they’ve just played counsellor to your problems.

As a guest teacher in the program, I also get the absolute privilege of being an affiliate of the program and therefore, are able to support you further throughout the course.

If you sign up through my link, you’ll receive a 1hr coaching session with me to help you make the most of the program, talk about whatever you need to talk about and calm any jitters you might be having about taking these next big leaps of faith.

School starts September 1st so don’t dilly daddle – head on over to the website to see just how incredible this course is and EXACTLY what’s covered.  I bet the list of guest teachers alone will have you signing up in a heart-beat!

Once you’ve enrolled, forward your enrolment to me at amanda@amandarootsey.com.au and I’ll be in touch within 48hrs to set up your coaching session!

See you on the other side….



Amanda xx