Yesterday, while in the middle of a Skype call with a women keen to learn more about working with teens, I was asked “How did you get to this point with your business Shine From Within?” and it stumped me for a moment.  If you don’t know about the work I do with teen girls, let me give you a quick run-down.  I run workshops, courses, one-on-one mentoring and regular Sisterhood Evenings with tween and teen girls with the aim to help them build confidence, take care of themselves and truly shine – inside and out.  It’s something I absolutely love and I feel very blessed to be able to do it.  It’s in it’s 3rd year now and we’ve taught hundreds of girls.

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So to be asked this seemingly simple question had me reminiscing.  The thing is, I really feel like everything that I’ve experienced in my life has lead me to this exact moment, running Shine From Within.  It all started over 10 years ago, when I did a deportment and modelling course after high school.  I LOVED it.  We learnt about make up and style and job interview skills.  The trainer and owner of the school was so inspiring and positive – I left feeling like I could literally do anything.  I loved it so much that I kept on going back to re-do the course, eventually training up to teach the courses myself!

I was teaching these courses in school holidays, delivering workshops out at schools during the term and worked in the office every now and then, answering phones.  This was only one of my jobs though.  I was also modelling a lot at the time, was studying a Bachelor of Business Management and working in hospitality as a Duty Manager in a nightclub.  Looking back, it feels like a completely different life.  I was working hard, playing hard and had no idea how to look after myself.   But boy was I having fun!

Fast forward a few years and I finally finished my business degree and went off overseas to model in Europe.  It was during this trip that I discovered the lump on my neck which turned out to be Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  My life changed dramatically; I learnt the importance of natural health, tuning in to your body, the power of faith and meditation, the blessings of love and painful lessons in patience.  I came out the other side of this experience with a new sense of purpose.

I wanted to help young women understand the importance of taking care of their precious bodies, being gentle with themselves and tuning in to what feels right for them.  I wanted to share with them some of the lessons I wish I knew as a teenager so that they didn’t have to go through what I went through.

So I came full circle, back to the notion of teaching teen girls.  I knew I wanted to combine the deportment subjects I had taught for years with content to help the girls develop their strengths, feel good about themselves, nourish their bodies and truly shine from within.  I could see it all in my head.  But I had no idea how to create it.  I had never been involved in the business side of the courses back when I worked for the deportment schools and my business degree seemed irrelevant.  A whole lot of theory but nothing practical, especially when the business world is changing so fast.

And then I heard about B-School.  My beautiful friend Jess Ainscough had done it and raved about it.  I sometimes met up with her and her new B-School friends, Nicola and Susana for their Mastermind sessions but I felt totally out of my league.  I didn’t know what they were talking about but I knew I wanted what they had.  But I didn’t want to commit to paying for an online course, especially when I had a degree behind me, so I put it off.  And then another year passed and B-School opened up for enrolments again.  I wasn’t any closer to having my training school off the ground – it was still just an idea floating around in my head.  But now it was frustrating me.  It was time to act.

So I plucked up the courage to enrol, even though I had no idea how I would pay for it.  I had just enough to cover the deposit though and figured I would work out the final payments later.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  B-School honestly gave me the tools to get what was in my head out on paper.  It helped me get clear on how I wanted to truly help young women and the best way for me to do it.  It helped me take action.

It taught me a whole lot more than a 3 year business degree.

It gave me the tools to build a website, understand my market, build a community and how I could best serve them, get clear on how I could actually make money doing it and best of all, it helped me to take action.  I’ve met some of my best friends through the B-School community and love the support I feel the moment I step inside the B-School for Aussie’s Facebook group.   To suddenly be in a group of welcoming women and be able to ask them for help and guidance whenever I needed was just the kind of support and encouragement I needed to take lift off.

I got Shine from Within off the ground because of B-School.  I’ve done a whole lot of beautiful training courses since then and I won’t ever stop – there is always more to learn, especially when you are working with teen girls.  You can’t ever know enough.  You have to be on top of things.  You have to keep growing and improving yourself too so that you can be the best version of yourself and be a good role model.  But it all started with B-School.

I’m excited to share this with you today because Marie Forleo, the mastermind behind B-School has just released a free video series today, in the lead up to launching B-School for the 7th year.  This could be the moment that you get the chance to take action on your own dream.


I graduated from B-School in 2013 and I’ve actually never shared this story before.  When a lovely women asked me that question yesterday, I was reminded of how pivotal this course was to Shine from Within.  And if it’s the right time for you then I would be doing you a disservice by not sharing it with you.  So there you have it.  Go and check out the free videos and see what you think.

In the video series, Marie gives clear guidance and actionable steps to help you get started.  You’ll learn:
  • Why big-hearted, creative entrepreneurs are wired to succeed in the digital era (don’t worry if you aren’t sure exactly what your business might be yet or if you aren’t strictly an online business – Shine From Within isn’t an online business but I still learn a lot each time I watch these videos).
  • The huge changes that’ll take place online in the next few years. If you have an online presence (as we all do these days), you need to know this.
  • Her 6 Pillar framework to business success that’ll help you eliminate overwhelm and give you clarity and direction to create results.

Please note that, for the first time, I am a passionate affiliate for this course and am excited to support you if you do decide to enrol in the program.  I’ll be offering a bonus to anyone who enrols through me [*update: you can read the bonuses here!] and will support you throughout the program as well.  For now though, watch Marie’s first video and see if she resonates with you.

If you have any questions about B-School, my business or want to share your business ideas with me, please feel free to email me directly (amanda @  I’d love to chat with you.

Keep shining your beautiful, gentle light and may 2016 be the year that your dreams come true!


Amanda xx