It’s starting to cool down here in Oz but that’s no excuse to not get our butts moving!  But you are not here for a motivational ‘fitspo’ rant and I’m no good at giving them…I slept in this morning because I felt like it.  Gentle living at it’s best.  One thing that does get me excited to exercise is sustainable, ethical activewear!

I’ve written about this in the recent issue of Nature & Health magazine, which you should check it out in your local news agency, but I wanted to go one step further and show you some of my favourite brands, in action.  Of course I needed a motivational wellness guru to get me out of bed nice and early and to have a bit of fun with me (i.e. whoop my butt on the basketball court).  Introducing the beautiful, sweet, Dr. Ash Good.  Ash is an osteopath and health coach on a mission to inspire and empower us all to take charge of our health and live our best lives.  She’s also just the sweetest girl ever.






The beautiful brand featured above is Dragonfly Activewear and we’re wearing the Renew range.  The fabric in the Renew range is made from 100% recycled plastic that was on it’s way to landfill.  It’s also breathable, light, fast-drying, has UV protection (UPF 50+), is pilling and abrasions resistance, and gives a firmersupported silhouette (seriously).  It holds you in in all the right places and is super comfy.

You can get 25% off their range with the code: ‘Shine25’ until July.  Yay!!

The entire brand is made in Australia by a mother-daughter team who are so lovely.  There’s nothing better than actually getting to talk to, even if it’s just over emails, the person who made your clothes or at least be able to find out a bit about them.

Now I’m not about ‘naming and shaming’ other brands that might not be quite as innovative as this one, but next time you go shopping for activewear, check the label.  See what the garments are made out of, where they are made and who made them.  If we don’t ask these questions, then brands can keep on doing what they’re doing, often at the expense of others and the planet.

*I’m wearing a Violet Gray necklace in the final image with a throat chakra pendant.   The lovely sisters from Violet Gray make most of their pieces in their little caravan studio on the Gold Coast, Queensland.   I’m also wearing Asics shoes as most of their shoes (if they have ‘N’ in the product code) are vegan.  Next time I need a new pair (and I’m hoping that’s still a few years away) I’m going to check out this brand – Newton Running.  Newton uses some recycled materials, are 100% vegan, manufacture in the company’s own factory in the US and are sold in recycled shoe boxes.  They also run a number of social responsibility programs.

Stay tuned for our yoga wear showcase.

Amanda x