I’m so excited for you to hear from this beautiful, gentle girl, Nicola Newman.  Nic has become such a great friend over the last couple of years, especially this year.  She lives about half an hour away from me on a property in the country growing her organic veggies, painting and going on little adventures with her puppy and husband.  In my eyes, Nic has mastered the art of working for herself in a way that suits her lifestyle.  Like many people, it took a health scare to make the transition to a gentle life and I think you’re going to love her story, her simple tips for dealing with overwhelm and the art of flourishing with creativity!

For simple tips from Nic on how to flourish with creativity in your own life, check out her free video series which launches today!  In the first video, Nic will share exactly what you need to get started with painting and creativity.  Click here to watch it now.**

**Please note that I believe so much in Nic and her upcoming course that if you click on the above link and eventually decide to enrol in her incredible program, I’ll receive a small commission.  To help you get the most out of the course, make sure you let me know that you’ve enrolled and I’ll offer you a complementary Gentle Living Coaching session!  Yay!

So, have you ever found that creative play has helped you in your own life?  I hadn’t thought much about it until this interview but I’ll never forget how therapeutic it was to paint after my friend Jess passed away.  We put the music up loud in Nic’s studio and it was so liberating to just play with paints!  As I mention in the video, it was just such an incredible experience.  I’d love to know if getting creative has ever helped you in the comments below.

And don’t forget to check out Nic’s free video series here.

Amanda xx