This morning I rocked up to a Zumba class, so proud that I had finally made it after having it on repeat in my calendar for months, only to find that the schedule had changed and it was no longer on. Doh!  Being all dressed up in gym gear I wasn’t going to waste the effort and enthusiasm I had left the house with. So I drove down to my local beach, Noosa.

It was such a gorgeous day and I found myself off the beaten track, climbing over rocks, staring at the ocean without a soul in sight.  As I sat and listened to the waves and felt the sun on my face, I felt immensely grateful.  I was literally sitting there thanking the sunshine and the ocean and God and the Bodhisatvas and the angels and the trees and the cool breeze….  And I thought, why can’t we all enjoy a life like this?  Why doesn’t everyone do this on a Wednesday morning?

Many life coaches will tell you that we can all do this if we want to.  We have to schedule it in and set our life up in a way that allows us to do this.  We have to prioritise.  We have to put in the work and it will be done.  We just have to want it bad enough.

But I don’t believe that’s entirely true.  If I had believed that 4 years ago when I was in the middle of chemotherapy, then I may have slit my wrists.  There’s no doubt I would have preferred to be sunning myself on a beach but at that point I couldn’t walk or get wet or even be around other people.  Wanting it badly enough was not going to cut it.  But funnily enough, Davey and I often talk about how much fun we had during that time.

So I was trying to figure out what made that time so special.  How did we have a ball every day when we were going through such awful stuff?

And I can’t come up with a fancy formula.  It’s just plain and simple.  We had fun because we weren’t wishing we were somewhere else.  I wasn’t on facebook seeing what everyone else was up to and thankfully Instagram didn’t exist!  We just made the most of where we were at that moment.  We watched our favourite TV shows on repeat in bed, we read spiritual books, we ate yummy food when I could, we slept, we played Nintendo Wii at the hospital, we laughed with the nurses and we cherished each moment.  We focused on that one day.  We were acutely aware of how every single moment was a precious gift.

And I think that’s what is at the core of gentle living.  Acceptance. 

There are certainly times in life when we have to fight with all our might.  But there are also times to accept and be gentle and just do the best we can with the tools we have in that moment.

For some reason I’m still here and I got to enjoy this magical morning (so much better than Zumba in a dark room with retirees!).  And you are right where you are supposed to be. That doesn’t mean you can’t dream and plan for an even brighter tomorrow, but don’t disregard the blessings you have right now.


Lots of gentle love,
Amanda xx