I’m seeing leather everywhere at the moment so I’m really excited to be able to share with you my favourite brand for faux leather jackets and accessories, James & Co.  

I have to admit, for the entire time that I’ve been vegan (about 5 years) I haven’t spent much time wishing I could wear a leather jacket.  But after spending all day shooting these gorgeous vegan jackets one after another, I don’t know how I’ve lived without one!  They are all so well made, beautifully tailored and super soft material.  I’ve included some of my favourites from their latest collection below.  If you are curious as to why I believe the vegan alternative to leather is so much better than the ‘real thing’ I’ve written about it here.

And lucky for you, the team have offered a special discount code just for you : ‘SHINE10’ for 10% off all jackets.   Simply click on one of the images below to be taken through to the item in the store.  They also have a deal at the moment where if you buy 1 wallet or bag, you can get another 50% off a biker style jacket!  

What I really love about James & Co is the story behind it.  Anne Hurley started James & Co after her son took his own life at the age of 24.  James was vegan and so James & Co has been created in his honour.  As well as celebrating his life and his values, a portion of profits is donated to mental health causes.  Anne and her daughter design everything and really are such a lovely family.

On top of being vegan, I’ve also quizzed Anne on how the manufacturing takes place because I like to know who has made my clothes, where they were made, where they’ve travelled and anything else I can find out before adding something to my wardrobe.  Thankfully she was all too happy to share.  Everything is made by a small team of 7 in Pakistan who have been trained specifically to create these faux leather items.  Anne has a close relationship with the team, often receiving little gifts from them!  The range is sold worldwide so the items are then stored in a warehouse in Hong Kong as it’s a more central place and means less travel for the garments than if they were to all come back to Australia (meaning the garments can be kept at a more affordable price and less travel emissions).   Cool huh?  Check out some of my favourite jackets and the awesome vest (which I now own and haven’t worn constantly) below…











*Photographer: Peter Collie

*Natural & Vegan Make up using Kylie’s Professionals which I love so much that I now sell here.

*Awesome styling by the James & Co team and PR extraordinaire Tess. 


Do you have a favourite jacket?  Any other eco-friendly winter faves?  I’d to hear about them in the comments below.


Amanda xx