On April 24 last year, over 1133 garment workers were killed in unsafe working conditions in a factory in Bangladesh.  All over the world, people suffer every day to bring us our fashion.  That’s not to say that fashion is bad.  Fashion inspires us, pushes the boundaries and tells a story about who you are.   It’s a powerful tool for self-expression.  And it can be a force for good.

This year on April 24, we want to honour the victims of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh and we want to raise awareness about one of the fashion industries biggest challenges – ethical working conditions.  We also want to celebrate fashion and the power it has to make big changes fast.

I’m extremely honoured to be on the Australian board for Fashion Revolution Day in it’s inaugural year and am excited that it has taken off in over 40 countries around the world, with Australian fashion icons like Akira getting behind it and Australian Vogue talking about it in the current issue.


This year, we are asking a very simple question – who made your clothes?  I’d love you to join us in turning your clothes inside out, taking a selfie and hash-tagging #insideout.  That’s it.  So simple.  Let’s get people thinking about that little tag on the inside of our clothes and thinking about who’s hands stitched our outfit.  Let’s show designers and fashion stores that they can’t just pull the wool over our eyes (eh eh?) and we do actually care how they treat their workers.  All of their workers, throughout the supply chain.

#insideout baby!


Tag me on Insty too – @amandarootsey – I’d love to see your pics!

Amanda x