I’ve been an avid op-shopper since high school.  So I was excited to spend a morning with the fashion hound herself, Faye De Lanty.  Not to mention my love of Totally Wild growing up…Faye was a host on this super cool eco-show so it’s extra special to hang out with her! I didn’t expect to learn anything new with Faye, just share in our passion for treading lighter on the planet and enjoy the thrill of a bargain without the guilt (a $3 brand new top can’t possibly have been created in fair conditions)! But my op-shopping skills have been upgraded significantly after just an hour or 2 with this beauty.

To me, op-shopping has always been about finding a one-off vintage piece.  Most of my purchases have been beautiful dresses that are decades old.   But Faye opened my eyes to new possibilities in one fowl swoop! One of Faye’s tips when op shopping is to be focused so, before we started rummaging, I showed her a pic of the kind of the thing I was looking for.  I was in Sydney, rather than home in Noosa, QLD, so I wanted a sophisticated, winter look.   I honestly thought this would be a challenge in a Salvos store as I have always invested in good quality new items for the basics, but Faye smashed that limiting belief to pieces!  She nailed it in like 20 minutes.  Watch the vid to see how she did it.






Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and fashion hounding with me Faye!  And a special thank you to the Salvos store for letting us run a muck in their Darlinghurst store (awesome store by the way) and to David Ross for the awesome video.


Have you got any op shop tips for me?


Amanda x