As you may know, I write a regular column on Eco Style for a beautiful magazine called Holistic Bliss.  The current issue is all about glowing skin.  So I decided to interview my friend Sarah about her and her partner, Jason’s range called Bestowed.  Their focus with this range is on pure, eco-friendly fabrics that feel nurturing against the skin so I knew this would be perfect for the skin issue.  I’ve also included pics of some of my favourite pieces from the collection… Enjoy!

The Article:

A year or so ago I got to meet the beautiful couple behind eco-fashion labels Rant and Bestowed.  Sarah and Jason Hodoniczky started Rant back in 2003 and have quite a following around Australia.

The fabrics that are used in both ranges are completely natural and I remember Sarah telling me that she can’t wear synthetic fabrics as her skin is allergic to them.  So I wanted to introduce you to her and her fashion for this ‘Skin’ issue.

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I personally love the Bestowed range, please tell us more about it.

Bestowed is our pure cotton label, no blends, no clever mixes of fibres, just cotton. The purest type of clothing, almost all locally milled organic cotton, which makes it 100% Vegan friendly. Bestowed was originally made to be a summer survival label. When it gets over 30 degrees and is humid, I do not want anything to touch my body, so I designed a range of clothes to make the hottest time of the year still fun to dress in. I also had several friends travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia, so they became my test cases. I made garments that you could travel with and only need to take a ‘carry on bag’, wash in a hotel room basin and would dry easily and could wear out to dinner or sleep in if you needed.  I found it a great challenge to use only cotton to layer with, but have found that it has made me design differently and the overall feel is unique to Bestowed. The following that Bestowed has already gained and my impatience to wait until the hot weather this year meant we just launched our first Pre-Summer collection that is available online at

Where are all of your garments manufactured?

100% of Rant and 100% of Bestowed are made in Brisbane. Keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible is very important to us. There is a 30km radius between our cutter, sewers, laundry and our studio. Every part of our production is done at small home-based businesses, which means we can all fit in our work life with family life, though does mean work is never far from mind. We can also check on every step making sure it is done to the best standard and the most sustainable way.


I was lucky enough to do the photoshoot for Bestowed so I have literally worn every single piece!  Here are some of my favourite looks from the collection & some of things I purchased…

I wear my tunic constantly.


I literally own this entire outfit (except the shoes but I want them too!)


Love these organic cotton arm warmers! And just love the colours and layering of the whole outfit.


The most beautiful aprons I’ve ever seen. I feel a bit naughty wearing mine in the kitchen – it’s too beautiful!


You can read Holistic Bliss Magazine for free online here.   

And you can find all the amazing work that Sarah does over at  I recently took most of my new items on a trip overseas and they are the best for travelling!  Lightweight but still cosy they are perfect for layering on the plane and some of them are reversible making them go further when you need a bit more suitcase space!  Clearly I can’t rave enough about them!

Love Amanda x