One of the things I love about working with young girls (other than just the privilege of hanging out with them) is listening to them and their incredible wisdom.  I think teens are so often told what to do and offered advice, that they can seem a little surprised when you just ask them a question and really listen.

I’m always blown away by their answers.  They are incredible.  They usually have the answers they need (like us).  They’re just still testing that out.  Learning to trust their instincts and their feelings.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Over the last few years of running Shine From Within, I’ve met so many women who, like me, just want to do something to help the young girls in their area.  They can see how hard it is for teens these days and want to offer support, even though they don’t know everything (because none of us do!).   They want to share what they’ve learnt but they also want to feel supported themselves.  I know when I started Shine From Within I felt lonely so many times.  I had wonderful, supportive women around me but none of them were working with young people.  I even reached out to some of the businesses that I admired from afar who were doing wonderful things with young women but none of them responded.

So when women started getting in touch with me saying they’d like to do something similar, I knew I had to do something.  I don’t believe that there can ever be too many programs/workshops/women offering mentoring to young women.  I don’t believe in competition in this field.  There can never be too much support.  Especially if we all tap into our own strengths and learnings, sharing from an authentic place.

And if my years of trials and errors, mistakes and victories along the way can save you some time as well, then I’ll be incredibly happy, cheering you on and supporting you as best I can so that we can all reach more young girls together.

If you’ve ever felt a little pull to work with teens, then I’ve got a free training series for you and the first video is live here.  (**UPDATE SEPT 2016 – The free training is no longer available but we did run a 3 month online training course and it sold out in 3 days!  So register your interest for the next round to be the first to know when the free video series goes live again.  Register here).   Perhaps share it with your health coach friend who mentioned wanting to branch out and help young women, or your yoga teacher who thinks it would be neat to run some mother-daughter classes.   The more women who can be an extra person of support in a young person’s life, the better.  Let’s bring back the village vibe and support one another to rise up and shine from within.

See you over there!  

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Amanda x