Davey, our Staffy girl Trudi and I have moved around over the last few years.  From a house, to a caravan, to a recycled shipping container home to renting a house in the hinterland to renting a duplex by the beach.  Phew!  But now we are building.  It’s been an interesting adventure trying to find the balance in creating something that is sustainable.  That will stand the test of time.  That causes the least amount of impact on the landscape and ecosystem.

What we’ve ended up with, considering our past adventures in simple living, might surprise you.  It’s not a hay bale house and we haven’t added to the shipping container concept.  It’s kinda just a regular house.  But at the moment it feels a bit too personal to share every detail here – it’s our baby and there are still a few more months to go before it’s even close to being finished.   In the meantime, I’m a bit obsessed with pinning all sorts of eco-friendly, boho-themed, simple, affordable decor ideas.   
home inspo







Another amazing place to lose hours of home inspo is, but be warned, you will not get anything done ever again.

Stay tuned for some more detailed posts on specific eco-friendly buys, deciding on kitchen appliances, DIY home projects + tips and tricks to consume less and create a beautiful, simple home.

Amanda x