Finally an awesome pair of organic cotton jeans.  If you’ve seen me around the Sunshine Coast lately, it’s pretty likely I was wearing these!

Here are 3 ways to wear these L’Herbe Rouge organic white cotton jeans from A Boy Named Sue.

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Top: L’Herbe Rouge organic cotton jeans with Vegan Style silver sneakersBassike scoop v neck t-shirt with tail & Hungry Wolf the label necklace.

Middle: L’Herbe Rouge organic cotton jeans with Vegan Style pointed toe pump, blue Modal top from A Boy Named Sue & upcycled blazer.

Bottom: L’Herbe Rouge organic cotton jeans with organic cotton, Australian-made Monolog top & Vegan Style sneakers.

You can find my new favourite white denim skinny jeans here.   Thank you so much A Boy Named Sue for sending them to me!

Photos by Simon Van der Spoel at Hastings Street, Noosa, QLD.

I’m going to do more eco-fashion posts so feel free to let me know what you are after, what you are having trouble finding and anything else related!  As my beautiful friend Jess Ainscough said to me the other day, “the clothes we wear are just as important as the food we put in to our bodies.”  I believe this to be true from a health point of view (lots of chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process) and from an ethical point of view.  We ALL have to get dressed in the morning so, to me, ignoring the impact that our fashion choices have on the planet, people and animals doesn’t seem quite right.   But never fear, you can search through the Eco-Fashion category on this site to find loads of info and much more to come.

Amanda xx