Valentine’s Day, like many other holidays in the calendar, has become a giant billboard for the sale of more stuff.  A guilt-driven campaign to ensure that you feel like you need to spend a fortune on your partner and, if you don’t, then you obviously don’t love them enough.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a post to rally us all together and boycott Valentine’s Day.   That’s no fun!  Instead, let’s find ways to bring the love back in to it, make it special in our own way.  Set an intention this year to celebrate the beautiful love you share with your partner, friends, family and even yourself, in an authentic way.  Treat yo self!  Without the tacky card you picked up from the servo.  Note: this isn’t stingy, but romantic.

1.  Don’t buy one of those cards with glitter on them.  Write a little love note instead.

2.  By all means buy flowers but head to the farmer’s markets and buy direct from the growers.  So many roses are imported at this time of year from far away lands, sprayed with all sorts of nasties and are often harvested by employees working in less than average conditions.  Let’s go local!

3.  Experience something together.  Celebrate your unique, special relationship.  And if you are not in a relationship, celebrate YOU.  Go on a date with YOU.  Go for a walk on the beach.  Watch that funny movie together.  Play.  Be silly.  Set aside some time to just be.

4.  Cook, bake, blend…whatever gets you in the kitchen whipping up something special.  Put some music on, go all out and try something new.  Be bold.  And pour your love in to every step of the process.

5.  If you must buy something, I’ve got some picks below for your special someone or yourself.  Remember, each time we purchase something we are voting for the type of world we want to live in.  Choose something that is handmade, locally produced, supports fair trade, uses organic fabrics… something that has a story.


For the Boys:


D+T Beard and Hair care for men.  This is the world’s first 100% organic range of beard care and hair care.  And it’s hand crafted in my kitchen!  My beautiful man has created these using organic essential oils, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, organic aloe vera and more yummy ingredients.  They are DIVINE.  Your man doesn’t need to be sporting a beard to enjoy them either – the Man Shampoo and the Hair Wax are huge hits with the clean shaven blokes (and I personally love the hair wax myself).  If he does have a bit of stubble coming through and is getting a bit itchy, the beard oils are perfect as they soothe the skin and nourish the hairs.   Each blend of beard oils, balms and waxes, has been carefully blended (after many many trials) to be soothing on the skin, antibacterial and smell lovely but, of course, in a manly way.  Trust me, you will be snuggling in to his beard when he has this stuff – the products make it so soft!


For the Girls:

I am really loving Violet Gray intentional jewellery at the moment.  It’s simple, elegant, hand made here in Queensland, Australia and the girls who run it, two lovely sisters, are the most gorgeous souls.   I’m going to share more about them with you very soon.  They also have a beautiful #imperfectlymeVG campaign coming up soon which is very exciting – keep an eye on social media on Feb 14 for this!

Most of all, I hope you use V Day as a chance to share and show even more LOVE and, as always, be gentle with yourself.

Amanda xx