Wow.  What a big year!  A few words that sum it up are: connection, travel, expansion, LOVE.

Back in 2011 I did a ‘that’s a wrap’ post and it’s incredible to compare that year with this one.  Back then I had only just recently recovered from cancer and we were living totally off the grid in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  It was perfect.  Fast forward to now and life is still perfect, but totally different.

It’s amazing where life takes you when you allow it to. Job opportunities come to you just when you need them, a new place becomes available just when something goes wrong with your current situation and, when you trust and go with the flow, things tend to work out ok. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to work hard, plan or set goals for the future, but I have found that it takes a delicate combination…. And I’m sure it’s different for everyone. For me, dreaming about the future, mapping out the next year and getting clear on where I think I should focus my time and energy is important but it’s just as important to not be too attached to it all. The best things in life are often not planned so it’s good to be open to adventure and have a little room in your diary for spontaneous fun!
Some of the things I didn’t plan for this year were fun adventures with Davey, fun girly trips that were somehow classed as ‘work’ and Shine From Within taking off.   Here are some of my highlights…



  • I enrolled in B-School and it was one of the best things I could have done for my website and to help me launch my business, Shine From Within.  I also got to connect with lots of beautiful entrepreneurs like my study buddy Krys Hansen from Practise Wellness.
  • I went on a beautiful, productive, clarifying retreat with some of the most inspirational girls I know.  They have all become such dear friends and I can’t wait to rock on at a 90s party with them tonight!  If you don’t know any of these girls, then you have to check them out – Yvette Luciano, Jess Ainscough, Susana Frioni, Nicola Chatham, Tara Bliss and Rachael Magahy.     They are all doing amazing things in the world.
  • I went to so many inspirational events and got to play with even more inspirational women, here’s a little recap with a post all to itself here.
  • I really got in to Bikram and loved it!
  • I started stand up paddle boarding – so fun.
  • Shine From Within become real.  I’ve done a big thank you note and recap of an amazing year here.  
  • Davey and I kept on having fun together, including going over to France for a meditation retreat.
  • We also went to Melbourne and Sydney for the Vegan festivals and got to meet so many wonderful souls with our business Vegan Card.  
  • I continued to connect with, discover and talk more about ethical and Eco fashion labels through my regular columns in Holistic Bliss and Nature and Health magazine.
  • I got to work with incredible eco-fashion labels Bestowed, Sinerji and One Colour as well as become the ambassador for the College of Natural Beauty and the face of Natural Beauty Week.


It’s been such an amazing year and I can’t believe I have fit it all in!  Thank YOU so much for everything.  For coming along to a course or an event, for reading my ramblings, for caring about the environment and animals and for your connection.  Enough about me!  What have you achieved this year and where will 2014 take you?  Leave a comment or send me an email – I’d love to hear from you.

This site will be transformed in 2014 – get ready!  It will be dedicated to helping you live a more compassionate and ethical life.  A modern girl’s life.  There will be inspiring interviews, lots more eco-fashion, natural beauty, yummy organic vegan food and so much more.  So if that’s your thang, stick around & make sure you are signed up to the newsletter list. It’s going to be an incredible year!



Trudi would like this year to be all about her though and I will do my best to make sure she feels that way.  🙂


Peace & love,


Amanda xx