tumblr_mzzr7n7idZ1st5lhmo1_1280I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with travelling.  It’s fun to go on adventures but really, nothing beats home.  I struggle with airports, that dehydrated feeling no matter how much water you drink on the plane, jet lag and all that air-con!   But the lure of adventure is still strong.

I’ve come to realise lately that the art of packing well cannot be underestimated!  It can save you enormous amounts of space, money and unnecessary purchases, which are usually bought out of desperation.   In those moments, we rarely have the time to source the best option.  So, the more organized we can be with reusable and eco-friendly items, the more likely it is that we can save our time and money for site-seeing and adventure!

A couple of friend’s and I have put together a list of essentials just for you!  Hopefully it will make packing for your next trip a little easier.


1.  Filtered Water Bottle.

The one I use is the Fill2Pure stainless steel water filter bottle, which reduces up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, chemicals, flouride and chlorine as well as some viruses and diseases.   Perfect for travelling.  I use it in airports and feel comfortable using it in most countries.  Much better than buying water.  You can find it at www.biome.com.au and you can even get a Vegan Card discount with them.

2.  Vinegar Spray.

Get yourself a little empty spray bottle and fill it with water and a splash of vinegar.  This is great for disinfecting cutlery, crockery and anything else you would like to clean – I just add some vinegar and water to a little spray bottle and keep it in my handbag.

3.  Coconut Oil.

My beautiful friend and health coach, Melissa Ambrossini from Path to Wellness, recommends taking coconut oil on your next travel trip.  Perfect for cleansing, moisterising, removing eye make up, oil-pulling in the mornings, as a hair treatment or even to cook with if you are staying in self-contained accommodation.  Just make sure it is sealed in your luggage!  See Mel’s other suitcase essentials here.

4.  Citronella Oil.

Mel also recommends Organic Citronella Oil.  If you are spending time outdoors, this is a great addition to your luggage to keep away mosquitoes.

5.  Inflatable Meditation Cushion.

Inflatable cushion.  The Mobile Meditator inflatable cushion is perfect if you like to meditate while travelling and prefer to sit on something to do so.  It can also double as a travel pillow, camping seat, lumber support and more. You can find more information on my favourite one here: www.mobilemeditor.com and you can purchase it here: www.innerpath.com

Train Tracks

A little break to catch your train…


6.  Organic Cotton Basics.

Organic cotton basics that can be layered easily are the starting point for building my travel wardrobe.  Bestowed have a beautiful selection at http://www.sustainablefashion.com.au.   A few accessories that can be mixed and matched are light and easy to pack instead of new outfits.

7.  Twenty8 Skincare Spritzer.

A spritzer for the plane with filtered water and a couple of drops of ‘Detox and Revive’ essential oil blend is perfect to rehydrate the face while on the plane and to revive you whenever you need during the trip.   http://www.twenty8.com

8.  Bamboo Wrap.

Perfect on the plane and for that extra bit of warmth throughout the trip.  You can find some here: http://www.bamboovillage.com.au

9.  Cheeki Tea Flask.

These flasks are the perfect size and have a built in strainer so you can take your favourite loose leaf tea with you.  They are BPA-free and will keep your tea warm for up to 12 hours.  No more disposable cups and, bonus, cafes will often be happy to fill up your tea flask with hot water for free.   http://www.cheeki.net.au/products/tea-flasks/

10.  Travel Towel.

A compact microfibre towel that dries fast and has antibacterial properties is an easy, light-weight addition to the suitcase or hand luggage.  Even if you are staying in hotels that will provide linen, this can be great for freshening up during stop-overs or when you decide to go for an impromptu dip in the ocean!  You can find some at:  http://www.kathmandu.com.au

Alice Jones’ suitcase essentials:

Alice Jones is the co-founder of beautiful Australian eco-fashion label, Sinerji and a dear friend.  Alice travels constantly with her job, selling her beautiful range all over Australia.

Travel is a big part of my job and I am always travelling with samples from each collection, so I don’t have much room in my luggage.  I pack one weeks necessities into a small tote!  I may not have much room, but I do have a few must have items: I can’t live without my Jurlique Love Balm which is great for dry skin and lips, which is common for me with long trips.  I also travel with organic green tea, because I can’t start the day without it, and my favourite red lipstick which makes up for lost sleep.  My pair of Sinerji Ballet tie pants are also non-negotiable!  I can not live without them- they are great to fly in, they go on as soon as I get back to the hotel at night, and I roll  them up in my bag and double as a pillow ; )  I also keep some meditation podcasts on my phone so I can calm my mind when I need to switch off (which I find quite hard when I am on the road).


A few extras that I always include:

Make Up:

Kylie‘s mascara & concealer (I don’t take much more than that when I’m travelling.  Sometimes I’ll also include the mineral foundation and blush or I’ll take one of the beautiful lip glosses and use it as a blush as well).



Wireless headphones

Travel compression socks (Because I had cancer in the lymphatic system, my ankles can swell up pretty easily – these help with that)

Vegan Card app (To find vegan food wherever I go)

Some LoveChai loose leaf tea (my favourite at the moment!).


I’m always on the lookout for new ways to save space and maximise that feeling of having everything you need without lugging around 3 suitcases!    So if you have any tips or your own essentials I would love to hear them.

Amanda xx