Video: Fashion Hounding

I’ve been an avid op-shopper since high school.  So I was excited to spend a morning with the fashion hound herself, Faye De Lanty.  Not to mention my love of Totally Wild growing up…Faye was a host on this super cool eco-show so it’s extra special...

How to say ‘no’ gracefully

As we quickly approach the second half of the year, it can feel like life has run away on us. The ease, grace and control that we felt at the beginning of January, with resolutions to manage our time more efficiently, exercise more often and take better care of ourselves can be long gone by now.

Video: Natural Make Up Tutorial

From discussions with friends, students, family and online musings, I’ve gathered that quite a few people are a little bit scared of mineral make up.  Or perhaps feel as though it might not work as well as the ‘proper stuff.’  I get it.  It can be a...

Eco Home Inspo ~ Living Space

Davey, our Staffy girl Trudi and I have moved around over the last few years. From a house, to a caravan, to a recycled shipping container home to renting a house in the hinterland to renting a duplex by the beach. Phew! But now we are building. It’s been an interesting adventure trying to find the balance in creating something that is sustainable. That will stand the test of time. That causes the least amount of impact on the landscape and ecosystem.

What we’ve ended up with, considering our past adventures in simple living, might surprise you. It’s not a hay bale house and we haven’t added to the shipping container concept. It’s kinda just a regular house. But at the moment it feels a bit too personal to share every detail here – it’s our baby and there are still a few more months to go before it’s even close to being finished. In the meantime, I’m a bit obsessed with pinning all sorts of eco-friendly, boho-themed, simple, affordable decor ideas.

Nature’s best moisturiser

Did you know one of nature’s most effective moisturisers can be found in your very own kitchen? Yes beauty addicts – the organic avocado is an ideal chemical-free moisturiser for the face, hair and eye area and is a staple part of my own beauty routine. This humble fruit contains a nourishing and extremely deep penetrating oil, is rich in vitamins A, D and E, lecithin and potassium, commonly known as the youth mineral. Sound good?


With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to protect your peepers in sustainable style….

Real Connection in Business & Life

Last weekend I went to an intimate wedding with old friends on a citrus farm in Byron Bay. It was so good to look in to the eyes of girlfriends that I haven’t seen in the flesh for a couple of years and actually touch them, hug them and dance the night away with them. It made me accutely aware of how unfulfilling it is to just be able to see snippets of their life through social media. Real connection is what we are all craving.

Kind Fashion Week!

When my beautiful friend Jess Ainscough approached me to be part of a collaboration on kind fashion, I jumped at the chance. Having worked as a model for so many years, I LOVE fashion but now what I really get my kicks out of is finding ethical and eco-friendly finds. I just think it’s another way we can do our bit to tread lighter on the planet.

Fashion Revolution Day – get on board!

On April 24 last year, over 1133 garment workers were killed in unsafe working conditions in a factory in Bangladesh. All over the world, people suffer every day to bring us our fashion. That’s not to say that fashion is bad. Fashion inspires us, pushes the boundaries and tells a story about who you are. It’s a powerful tool for self-expression. And it can be a force for good.

This year on April 24, we want to honour the victims of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh and we want to raise awareness about one of the fashion industries biggest challenges – ethical working conditions. We also want to celebrate fashion and the power it has to make big changes fast.

A Modern Girl’s Adventures: Gwinganna

Towards the end of last year I was contacted by the Marketing Manager of Gwinganna Health Retreat, Tracy. It was one of those “Are you serious??? Oh my god I can’t wipe the smile off my face” emails. She was inviting me to Gwinganna to enjoy a retreat. Free of charge.

10 Eco Travel Essentials

The art of packing well cannot be underestimated! It can save you enormous amounts of space, money and unnecessary purchases, which are usually bought out of desperation. In those moments, we rarely have the time to source the best option. So, the more organized we can be with reusable and eco-friendly items, the more likely it is that we can save our time and money for site-seeing and adventure! So here are 10 essentials for your next trip…

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