Be gentle… with yourself, with others + with the planet.

I believe in being gentle and truly shining from within.  I speak to, write for and teach teen and tween girls that they are perfect, just as they are.  I support women to embrace their inner ‘youth mentor’ and create incredible youth programs and businesses they love.  And I do my best to live gently [from being vegan to living off the grid in a shipping container for a year]!


Mums, this is for your daughters.


Share your wisdom + support young women to shine.


Articles on eco-fashion, working gently, simplifying, natural beauty + more.

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B-School review and affiliate bonus 2017

If you are thinking about doing B-School this year I’d love to support you, plain and simple. I’m not going to tell you that it will change your life and you’ll end up with a 6-figure business because of it (it surely won’t if you don’t do the work + hey, it’s not all about the money!). I’m not going to tell you that you need to do it. You don’t. I believe you have everything you need within. However, I will tell you that…

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A gentle approach to work

Last week I was very honoured to speak at Soulpreneurs Summer School, an inspiring few days with beautiful women all there to get clear on their purpose and shine their light in the world in 2017. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was practical, potent business advice from some of the world’s best (e.g. Michael Maidens who’s a pioneer in the digital space, being responsible for the Food Matters free worldwide screening that reached millions and has since become common practice for many online launches) mixed with soul (full moon releasing ceremony on the beach, animal kin oracles and self-care strategies). I got to share a little about living and working gently…

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Youth Mentor Training 2nd Intake Closes Today!

I’ve been working with teens for many years, and intensively through my own business Shine from Within for the last 4 years. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that supporting young women and girls to truly shine in their own awesome way is pretty special. Even if it’s just running the odd workshop about whatever you know (yoga/food/sustainability/kindness/confidence/etc) or a series of little sisterhood evenings.

It also takes particular knowledge and skills to do it responsibly. Being aware of where they are at psychologically. Understanding how to truly connect with them in an engaging way that they can actually relate to. Even things like knowing what kind of insurance you need and the legislation you need to comply with. It’s definitely not something that can be taken lightly. But to see them shining and saying things like ‘I actually do feel more confident,” after a course is very very special. I truly do believe that if more men and women held a supportive space for teens to grow and develop by tapping into their own strengths and passions, the world would be a little kinder and brighter.

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